This is my submission for the Ludum Dare 55 Game Jam

The theme was: Summoning

This game was created in 48 hours, by myself (Caz Creates Games)

This was the first game jam that I've submitted an entry for and it was very challenging! I look forward to playing everyone else's submissions :D

Any and all feedback is welcome! <3

Here is a link to the Ludum Dare game submission page

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AuthorCaz Creates Games
Made withGameMaker
TagsFantasy, GameMaker, Global Game Jam, Ludum Dare 55, My First Game Jam


Summoner Showdown Source 247 kB


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Been a big fan of your sprite art for a while, cool to see a new game! Have a hard time winning as hell but still fun to spam waves of guys.

Aw that's awesome! I'm really glad you enjoyed playing it :D